* Rural projects:
   -  19 years experience
   -  Water sanitation
   - Reservoir press tanks
   - Equipping of boreholes
   - Installation of fencing
* Water and sewer network construction
* Construction of buildings with sewage
* Booster pump stations


* Design, build and equipt electrical MCC’s

 * Installation and Calibration of 
* PLC installation and programming
* Telemetry installation and programming
* Scada systems installation and 
* Electrical Reticulation LV and MV


* Pipeline - Installation and testing
* Pump installation and commissioning
* Bulk water supply pipe lines
* Industrial Wastewater Recycling Systems and 
   Wastewater Treatment Services
* Custom Engineered Water Treatment Works and
   Package plants
* Earthwork construction
* Designs and improvements to Community and 
    individual water, Sanitation, wastewater 
   system and water treatment worksSERVICES: