Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

  • Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, drawings, Designs and specifications

  • Designs and improvements to Community and individual water, Sanitation, wastewater system and water treatment works

  • Bulk water supply pipe lines

  • Construction management and contract administration

  • On-site contractors coordination Project Management

  • Building of Structures ( Pump Houses, Concrete chambers, Concrete reservoirs and WWTW structures)

  • Drawings and Specifications

  • Earthwork construction

  • Foundations

  • Soils testing and Slope stability

  • Industrial Water Management Services

  • Custom Engineered Water Treatment Works and Package plants

  • Industrial Wastewater Recycling Systems and Wastewater Treatment Services


The nature of the business can briefly be described as a project management reticulation system, WWTW, WTW and Rural Development.

  • Mechanical – ( equipping of pump stations, WWTW,WTW )
  • Electrical – ( equipping of MCC,PLC , SCADA and Telemetry Systems)
  • Civil- ( Pipe networks, Reservoirs, Foundations, Buildings, Chambers )

Our Products/suppliers we specialize in and have over the years build a relationship wiht:

  • Special pipe work steel and Stainless steel fittings
  • U-pvc, O-pvc, M-pvc, Ductile Iron, HDPE and many More
  • KSB pumps and Valves
  • Grundfos pumps
  • Franklin Electric Pumps
  • Oz- Valvescz
  • VAG Valves
  • ARI Air Release Valves
  • Vent-O-Mat Air release valves
  • Structa Steel Reservoirs
  • Gorman Rupp pumps
  • Elster Kent water Metering
  • Upat fisher Fastners
  • Allen Bradley Electronics
  • Motorola Telemetry Systems
  • Krohne and Edress and Hauser Flow metering
  • Frazer and Bermad control valves
  • Waste Water Mechanical equipment ( Mechanical Screens, Screw Presses, Screw Conveyors, Aerators and Mixers, Clarifiers and Axial Flow Pumps)
  • Chemical Dosing pump stations and facilities
  • Bio-Sorb SA and OCS AU Activated Carbon filter systems for odour control at WWTW

The construction industry is a major employer, and provides jobs to over one million people, including those employed in the informal market. Though activities in general building and project management allow a larger opportunity for employment. Thus HT Pelatona Projects Pty Ltd is capable to employ over 400 general workers, foreman’s, supervisors and technical stuff just by these two fields, basing on the number of projects being run simultaneously as we at HT Pelatona Projects Pty Ltd have the skills and capacity.

Sustainability of benefits

Government aims to use the construction industry as a catalyst for job creation and skills development. State owned enterprises and government departments will continue to drive investment into the construction Industry.